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Hi, I'm AJ.

How many times have you heard others say, "People love to talk about themselves?"

An audience is always implied in that statement. And yet, we can never take our audiences for granted because when we do, we lose them. How we talk about ourselves is the variable that gauges whether or not we can keep people's attention. 

Do you copy?

Me, I have always chosen my words carefully. Content creation has been a passion of mine ever since I worked as a tutor in the writing center at my alma mater in 2005 and 2006. There, I assisted students of all majors with their various writing assignments; however, my favorites were those in creative copy. In these assignments, I felt words aren't just used - they are respected. Strong copy gives words the power to sell. To create an experience. 

Strong copy means the difference between reading words and hearing them spoken to you. In Morgan Freeman's voice, ideally. 

If you are seeking impactful, memorable content, I'm your guy. I listen to you. I do my homework. I walk a mile in yours and your audience's shoes (even if they do kind of smell). 

E-mail me today to get started!


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I offer professional copywriting services including: content, advertising, proofreading, creative concepting, integrated promotions, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, and more.

I would call it a privilege to demonstrate to you the value I can bring to your project! If you have a need for impactful, memorable content, I invite you to drop a line so that I can begin to understand your project and brand – and determine the best voicing and presentation of your ideal copy.

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